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Cosmetic Makeup Brush Cleaner Brushegg

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Makeup brushes, meet your BFF! This high grade, silicone egg is the perfect tool to help keep all your brushes clean. This scrubby is made up of small grooves to lift dirt and makeup. The compact design allows for easy storage and travelling. This bestie will keep your brushes clean and new- good lookin' out!

The BrushEgg is used to help with the deep cleaning process of makeup brushes.

How to use the BrushEgg
Step 1 - Wet makeup brush.
Step 2 - Apply mild cleaning solvent like shampoo or liquid hand wash on the BrushEgg.
Step 3 - Twirl your makeup brushes around to lather them up on the smaller knobs.
Step 4 - Move the brushes from side to side over the groves to get rid of stubborn dirt.
Step 5 - Rinse with clean water and let your brushes dry on a flat surface.



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